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Offering a complete graphic service at a budget price. Let us quote your next print requirements and see how we can save you money.

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Screenprinting and Signs

Complete art, design and print service

Offering screenprinting at a budget price using enviromentally safe, waterbased Australian Made inks, delivered to your door. With our full design service, we design your signs to your needs and price.

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Airbrush and Design

Canvas to cars, commercial design to print.

Airbrushing tshirts, canvas, metal and wood with murals large and small. Our design and print covers all commercial printing with a budget in mind. Let us quote you next printing needs.

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Screenprinting with Airhead FX

Catering for small to large print runs using the best environmentally friendly Australian made inks.

service 1


Send us your ideas and let us design your next tshirts.

service 2


From one to six colours, we use only quality garments and inks.

service 3


Couriered to your door on completion.

Have You Seen our latest designs and prints?

We offer a full vector service for logos, signs and designs.

project 1

Custom Paint Remote Control Stunt Plane

JobCustom Paint and Design
Paint2 Pac Automotive
DesignRacing Stipes

This plane came to us with a gel coat white paint work. We decided to go with 2 pac paint as it would not require a clear coat due to weight restrictions for this class. The design needed to look fast and have a distinct colour contrast from the top of the plane to the underside of the plane so the pilot cound quickly tell if it was upside down or the right way up. Great fun was had painting this.

project 2

Custom Paint Harley Davidson Tank

JobCustom paint and Design
PaintTrident Waterbased Auto Paint
DesignCeltic Skull

Our client was looking for a flaming skull that was a bit different. It was decided to combine and old school flame with the skull to produce a very individual tank.

project 3

Limestone Coast Motorcycle Tshirts

ClientLimestone Coast Motorcycles
DateJuly 2015
SkillsDesign and Screenprinting

A range of hoodies and tshirts were printed for Limestone Coast Motorcycles and Small Engines for the opening of their new premises. A Vtwin design was designed for the back along with a large front print.

project 4

Paddys Pots - Hotel Raffle Sign

ClientBilly Macs Hotel
JobCustom Airbrush/Sign
SkillsAirbrush and Vinyl Sign

Custom sign for hotel social club weekly raffle. Airbrushed and Vinyl Sign with chalk board vinyl for weekly updates on prizes.

project 5

Naracoorte Charters Website

ClientNaracoorte Charters
JobWebsite design and Hosting
SkillsHTML, CSS3, JavaScript

Complete website package was created so we could manage this site them. Monthly updates are part of the package where our clients emails us the changes and we update for them.

project 6

Naracoorte Masters Games

ClientNaracoorte Lucindale Council
JobWebsite Design
SkillsHTML, CSS3, JavaScript

This was designed for a one off event. A competitors registration was also incorporated into the site along with a third party booking facility.

project 7


ClientSlab'n'50 Motorcycle Trip
JobDesign and Screenprint
SkillsDesign and Screenprint

We print these shirts yearly for a group mates who travel to Phillip Island every year from all over Australia for the World Super Bike races.

project 8

Photoshop and Illustration

ClientSmall Engine Service
SkillsIllustration and Design

The illustration on the left was for a poster print for a mens shed. The caricature on the right was for a Small Engine Service Centre of the owner for the front of the business.

project 9

Airbrush and Murals

JobAirbrush - Tshirts, Murals - Walls and Custom
SkillsAirbrush and Design

Over the years we have painted a range of things big and small, here is a sample of some of these. All are airbrushed.

  • project 1

    Custom Paint and Design

    Remote control stunt plane

  • project 2

    Custom Paint and Design

    Harley Davidson Fuel Tank

  • project 3

    Tshirt Screenprinting

    Limestone Coast Motorcycles shop tshirts and hoodies.

  • project 4

    Paddys Pots Sign

    Social Club raffle sign for Hotel.

  • project 5

    Naracoorte Charters Website

    Complete web design and hosting.

  • project 6

    Naracoorte Masters Games

    Website design.

  • project 7

    Slab'n 50 Tshirts

    Tshirt design and printing.

  • project 8

    Photoshop and Illustrations

    Custom photoshop work and caricature for local business.

  • project 9

    Airbrush and Murals

    A selection of Tshirt, murals and custom design.

Airbrushing with Airhead FX

From Tshirts to motorcycles we can paint a one off design for you.

team 1

The Bundy Bear

The Bundy Bear

Painted onto a sheet of MDF for wall hanging in Man Cave.

team 1

Owners - Nigel and Corrina Nisbett

Nigel and Corrina Nisbett

Owners of Airhead FX, have been involved in the Commercial Print and Graphic Design for over 25 years. Nigel is a graphic artist by trade and is mad about airbrush, screenprinting and signwriting. Corrina is a screenprinter and accounts and distribution coordinator for Airhead FX. Together they have been working towards keeping pricing down for small businesses so everyone can benefit. Let us help you by giving you quality design and print at a budgt price.

team 1

The Beach House Fridge

The Beach House Fridge

Tired of the same old boring white goods, why not get them customised into something completely different.

How Airhead FX can help you...

Let us quote your next print run for you and see how we can help you save. We believe in giving you a quality job at a budget price so the savings can be passed on to you. Our screenprinting is perfect for clubs, schools, social events where you might want to on sell them to raise money. We only use quality garments and environmentally friendly inks that are Australian Made. Our belief is to spend local, buy local and keep locals employed. Try us today and see how we can help.


  • Graphic Design

  • Screenprint

  • Airbrush

  • Signs

Get a quote today

If it is printed, painted or cut out of vinyl give us a call and see how we can help you.


Promotional material should not be expensive, it should be affordable to promote more business.


Signs by Airhead FX

Let us design and create your next sign writing needs. We also design and supply graphics for you if you would prefer to use your own signwriter.

"We have used Airhead FX for all of our Coaches over the last 10 years and have had great friendly service from them everytime. They always give us what we need at a great price."

client 1 Allan Moss Naracoorte Charters

"Airhead FX have given us the confidence to try new ways to promote our business. We have used Airhead FX as a designer for our signage and the finished files were passed onto our local signwriter to complete the signs with brilliant results."

client 2 Danial Kitto Limestone Coast Motorcycles and Small Engines

"Welly's Poker Run has been running for over 10 years now and Airhead FX has been involved from the very start. Always providing us with quality work at a budget price, all money saved means more to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor service."

client 3 Mark Wellington Welly's Poker Run Fundraising Committee

"A business with no sign is a sign of no business - we can help you rectify this with signs by Airhead FX."

Our Suppliers

Base selection of prices

Below is a base price for some common products that we supply

Basic Screenprinting

  • $14.00ea (min. 20)
  • Tshirts assorted sizes
  • Printed 2 Sided
  • 1 large 1 small print per shirt
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Business Cards

  • $110.00
  • 1,000 Printed
  • Full Colour Front Black back
  • FREE Delivery
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Website Basic

  • $800.00
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting 2 Years
  • Design 5 Page site
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We Offer a large range of Custom Plans. Contact Us For More Info.

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